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Spotlight On… Frank!

In our ‘Spotlight On’ series, we’re showcasing the many things Woodingdean has to offer, through profiles of local business owners. 

This week, we speak to Jo, from Frank! Communications.

I created Frank! to fill a gap. When I moved down to Brighton I couldn’t find the sort of agency that I wanted to work in, so I created my own. I’d worked for various businesses as a deputy and I felt like it was time to have a go at being my own boss. Thirteen years later, we’re still going strong, helping a whole range of companies produce high-quality, interesting and hopefully attractive marketing materials,from websites to posters, magazines to information leaflets and everything in between.

At Frank!, one size most definitely does not fit all. Just as every business we work with is different, so is what we do for them. We listen to our clients and help them decide exactly what they need and how they want it done, and then we deliver. We don’t make people fit around us – we fit around them. This means spending time getting to know businesses and their employees and establishing an open, honest relationship with them, where we’re clear on key features like budgets. We’re Frank! by name, frank by nature!

Jo and her team at Frank!

We’re very proud of our clients. We work with a huge variety of people, from small start-ups to big corporations. We only work with organisations that are positive and enthusiastic about what they do. We work with local companies and organisations including The Brighton Fringe Festival, Sussex Police, Brighton & Hove Museums, Lewes Council and The Martlett’s Hospice. We’ve also worked with companies nationally, such as Diabetes UK, Bramble and Continua. We have worked with some of our clients for over 10 years – once we have a client, we do our utmost to keep hold of them!

The way we communicate is changing. It’s impossible to own a business and not pay attention to digital media. That means having a functional website and staying on top of social media. Recently our agency has done a lot more digital work than we ever thought we would, but nowadays that stuff is really important. Our in-house web developer, James, joined us a few years ago as an apprentice and now works full-time. His role is absolutely essential, because we have to be able to provide rapid, knowledgeable technical support whenever a client needs it. Rory works closely with James but has more of a client focus and is becoming our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) lead.

We’re hugely involved in the local community; I genuinely believe that we have a big responsibility as a business to contribute and help the local area thrive. That’s why we set up Woodingdean in Business; it’s a simple idea which has the power to do a lot of good, from raising money for Martlet’s to promoting local companies and being an all round information site. We also run Un-networking, a relaxed networking for people who would rather have a chat than a meeting. I’m a huge believer in working to get the best out of people, whether that means supporting local business ventures or helping people get their careers off the ground.

I love Woodingdean, but it needs to get more engaged. There is so much potential here to achieve great things; we’re a hub of an amazing number of small businesses and we have the links to create a really fantastic community, but there needs to be more ambition. People need to get involved, get publicising and actively support each other.
Frank! are at 58 Warren Road, Brighton, BN2 6BA. They love to chat, so drop in or give Jo a call on 01273 670 100. 

For more information about local businesses and what’s on in Woodingdean, head to www.woodingdeaninbusiness.co.uk

Frank! spoke to Claire Huxley

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