The Woodingdean Community Hub

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Woodingdean is an amazing community and the generosity people continue to show one another is remarkable.

The Woodingdean Facebook groups are providing us with spaces to put updates and messages about local businesses, groups and clubs but we decided to set up this Woodingdean Community Hub so that all the information is in one place and easily accessible.

We are providing this the Community Hub free to everyone, whether you are a club, group or business you can let people know what’s happening and hopefully ensure you get the support your need.

We want you to put updated information on this page so people know if you are open, or if you have changed the services you offer, or if your club, group or business needs support from the community.

Please use these pages – and over the next few weeks we will aim to make them easier to use and navigate.

The Woodingdean Community Hub team

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This is the Woodingdean Community Hub, which provides a space for all local businesses, groups and clubs to provide updated information all in one place.

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