We need your help

**Time to Talk Befriending is a local Charity that helps older people who feel lonely, invisible, forgotten to “feel like they are living again” and no longer feel trapped inside their own homes.** In Woodingdean alone, there are hundreds of older people who have a rich history and life-experience to share yet many individuals feel chronically lonely most of the time. Woodingdean has one of the largest proportions of older people in wards across the City of Brighton and Hove and a high number of elderly residents have long term health conditions. There also is a substantial amount of evidence to confirm that elderly people are more at risk of feeling lonely and isolated which is why we need your help! [JUMP] Through careful matching with trained and vetted volunteers, older people can benefit greatly from regular companionship and ‘time to talk’. People’s lives have literally been transformed for the better just from spending an hour in someone’s company once a fortnight or once a week. We are therefore looking to invite older people living in Woodingdean to benefit from the Time to Talk Befriending scheme. Which is where you come in! Do you know someone living in the local area that doesn’t appear to receive many visitors and spends long periods of time alone? If the answer is yes then we would love to hear from you! We would really like to include older people who might be on their own during the festive season to benefit from our ‘Thinking of you at Christmas’ campaign. So - if you know someone on your street or in your local neighbourhood who would benefit from befriending and/or would appreciate being part of the Woodingdean Christmas campaign please contact us today on 01273 737710 or email [info@timetotalkbefriending.org.uk](mailto:info@timetotalkbefriending.org.uk) [www.timetotalkbefriending.org.uk](http://www.timetotalkbefriending.org.uk) NB: Please note that our community outreach activities are undertaken in a safe and structured way. We also work with a strong network of partners including Sussex Police and the Neighbourhood Watch – all of whom adhere to the necessary safeguarding and information sharing protocols.