Sussex Police eWatch for February 2016

**Sussex Police eWatch for February 2016 - Your monthly newsletter on what we’re doing in your local area** **Local priorities from Police** 1. Anti Social riding of off road motorbikes 2. Burglary prevention and detection. **Local priorities as determined by the Local Action Team November 2015** 3. Obstruction of the pavement or highway caused by parking. 4. Youths gathering outside of businesses 5. The youth club [JUMP] **Burglary** During the Committee Meeting on 13th January I mentioned a burglary on Downland Road. This was how the incident was recorded at the time, however further investigation has revealed it was not a burglary, but rather an incident that occurred at a house party. As such, this has been removed from the figures. A non – dwelling burglary occurred at premises in Downs Valley Road. The premises is not occupied at present, hence it’s classification. Power tools were stolen. A forensic examination took place and the incident is still under investigation. **Vehicle Crime** Theft from a motor vehicle reported on Briarcroft Road. Vehicle stolen from Kipling Avenue. **Criminal Damage** Damage to fence on Downland Road Damage caused at a house party in Downland Road Damage caused to building works in Hyldon Close, under investigation. Damage caused to a fence panel in Cowley Drive, no lines of inquiry. Vehicle damage recorded at Castle Hill Nature Reserve (vehicle keyed) and Chalkand Rise (rear windscreen smashed). There are no lines of enquiry for the Chalkland Rise incident and the other is under investigation. **Public Place Violence** Incident reported in residential premises with known offenders regarding ongoing dispute. Reported incident within Downs Hotel (verbal only). Licensing aware. Incident in Kipling Avenue involving a female having a violent episode (no other persons involved) who was later arrested. **Suspicious Callers in Woodingdean** It has been brought to my attention that there have been a number of incidents in January involving suspicious, uninvited house calls. They have claimed to be homeless and in possession of a ‘beggars licence’ from the police. They have become aggressive when asked to leave. We received one call into the Police about this issue, however from what I understand several households were approached. Please do not hesitate to call police if you are confronted by suspicious individuals at your front door. If you suspect they are up to no good, but they have not acted in a threatening way and left when you asked them, then you can call this through on 101. On the other hand, if you have asked them to leave and they have refused, becoming aggressive and threatening in their behaviour, then call 999. Information from residents is absolutely essential in helping us track down those responsible. No-one should be made to feel threatened, especially on their own door step, so please don’t hesitate to call 101 or 999 if this happens to you. **Parking** Parking is often raised by residents of Woodingdean as an issue that is important to them and I am often asked about the subject. I would like to remind everyone of some useful contacts that could help. In Brighton and Hove, parking is dealt with by the Council. If you come across a vehicle that appears to be parked where it shouldn’t be then you can report it on 0345 603 5469 and select option 2. This is an answer phone service where you will be prompted to leave a message. This is checked regularly and mobile parking enforcement officers will be dispatched to check out the problem. There is also an online form on the Council website under the Parking section. If you suspect a vehicle to be abandoned, you can call the Council on 01273 292929, email []( or report it to Op Crackdown []( If you suspect a vehicle to be untaxed, then you can check it on; untaxed vehicles can be reported on Parking on the verge is not a Police matter and not enforceable by us, however Brighton and Hove Council have initiated a scheme in certain areas where parking on the verge is punishable by a Fixed Penalty Notice. These areas are marked by signs indicating the beginning and end of these zones and currently cover parts of Patcham and Withdean. Police can be brought in to assist when you are prevented from getting where you need to go due to a vehicle blocking the way. So if the highway is blocked to the extent that you cannot pass and there are no parking restrictions in place, then this can be reported to us. Likewise we can be called if you are blocked in by a vehicle, i.e. there is a car parked over your driveway blocking your car in and you need to get the car out. Try this link for more information on policing in Brighton and Hove: []( Also for CRIMEMAPPER information: []( For more information on the above and to view the full newsletter, see the PDF file on the link below: [Sussex Police eWatch for February 2016](