Keep warm, well and save money this winter

**Keep warm, well and save money this winter!** If your home is cold, your health may be at risk. One of the best ways to stay well in the winter is to keep warm. Keeping warm can help stop colds and flu, as well as serious problems like heart attack, stroke andpneumonia. These problems are more likely if you are: • aged over 65 • pregnant • aged under 5 • have a long term health condition • disabled such as heart or lung disease Moneyworks 0800 988 7037 []( [JUMP] A free service for people living in Brighton & Hove. Contact Moneyworks for advice on how to make your home warmer and what to do if you can’t pay your bills or you are getting into debt. For more information on both the above and tips to stay warm this winter, see the PDF file on the link below: [Keep Warm PDF](