Parent Present course - Friends Centre

Woodingdean Library, Warren Road, Woodingdean

This short course will start at 10am and run until 1pm in the Woodingdean Library

Parenting is life changing and stressful. It's not unusual to feel insecure and at time overwhelmed about what is by far, the most difficult job of all and the one that caries the most responsibility.

Whether caring for a helpless newborn, a wilful two-year old or a stroppy 11 year old, we are faced with new challenges every day, often without much support and with limited resources. Under stress, we can be easily triggered to react in a way we later regret.

This course aims to:

Offer you new ways to gain the most joy out of being with your child and:

– reduce your stress levels so they don't get in the way of your family relationships

– handle the tough times at home with a minimum of anger, worry and negative thinking

– respond calmly

– really connect with your child even when you are really busy

Who this course is for?

For parents or carers

What will I be able to do by the end of the course?

The course will help you focus on the present moment and respond better to the stressful moments with your child, place yourself in the “internal witness" space and learn ways of being more self-compassionate and aware of your own needs.

You will have learnt a range of Mindfulness techniques that have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. You will have access to many audio and video resources to help you carry on practicing at home after the course is finished.

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